A Guide for You To Best Match Outfit With Your Jewelry
A Guide for You To Best Match Outfit With Your Jewelry

We have formal suit, dress, casual clothes and sportswear. In different occasions we wear different clothes and different clothing needs to be matched with different jewelry. Depending on the occasion, choose jewelry that can be worn in harmony with the style of clothing, showing your beauty and charm from the details. Here are some tips from Usinjewel.


1.Matching Jewelry With Everyday Outfits

If you’re wearing casual clothing like jeans and T-shirts, choose some simple earrings and necklaces, like minimalist diamond rings, stud earrings and diamond hoop earrings. A solitaire diamond pendant can add flair to your casual outfits. Our cross necklace is also a good choice. These will go well with your casual dress too, and they will not complicate the outfit. If you’re wearing eyeliner, lipstick, or other colored makeup, you should avoid adding different colors that could compete with the tones of your face. If you put on light makeup, Usinjewel offers jewelry with colorful diamonds for you to choose.


2.Matching Jewelry With Formal Outfits

When you wear formal dresses, the rules are much stricter for accessories. When wearing these outfits, small and understated diamond pendants , earrings and diamond bracelets are usually good choices. At Usinjewel, you can choose unique earrings like marquise feather drop earrings which add extra elegance to you. If you’re going for bolder jewelry, choose clothing that will balance it out. For example, if you have an outfit with lots of busy patterns, keep your jewelry plain to avoid competition between accessories. A black suit or dress is very versatile and can help you save the trouble of selection.


3.Matching Jewelry With Party Outfits

When you’re prepping for a particular party, the most important thing is that you should take your makeup and hair into consideration. Gemstone jewelry like emerald ring, sapphire pendant are advised(more clolored jewelry). If you have lots of bright colors in your dress or top, then opt for simple drop earrings and gemstone rings that offer an elegant silhouette. If you wear light-color clothes, choose jewelry with bright colors to represent your multifaceted personality.


At Usinjewel, you can choose rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. We can satisfy your needs in all aspects! No matter what you’re deciding to wear, you can select accessories from our website. If you are wondering about choosing which one that suits you properly, pls contact with us at any time.



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