How to clean and polish your diamond ring
How to clean and polish your diamond ring
How to clean and polish your diamond ring

    After getting an exquisite Usinjewel ring, it is important for you to know how to clean and polish it.

1.The diamond should avoid bumping
Diamond is the hardest gemstone, but it is not indestructible. It has a certain brittleness. It may be broken by heavy blows, loose from the aging ring setting and fall off. We suggest that you should not put your diamond ring together with other diamond jewelry. When doing housework, you’d better take off and put away your ring, so as not to accidentally collide with hard objects, causing damage to the diamond.

2.Diamond jewelry is best placed separately
Diamond jewelry should be placed and kept separately, avoiding mixing with other jewelry. Otherwise the hard diamond will scratch other jewelry. Especially it should be separated from gold jewelry as gold is soft and is easy to be damaged. In addition, gold is also easy to make the white gold metal yellow.

3.Keep diamond away from oily substances
Try to avoid direct contact with fingers touching the diamond surface as diamonds are oleophilic. The oil on the skin will adhere to the diamond surface, affecting the diamond luster and brightness. In the long run, the diamond will look gray. After touching the diamond, it is also necessary to wipe it with a soft cloth in time.

Oil, stains will also cover up its luster. Therefore, you should take off your jewelry when washing dishes and cooking to avoid stains, fumes, etc. If stained with oil, you should use a professional jewelry cleaning solution to clean.

4.Regularly check the condition of the diamond
For finished diamond jewelry, it is best to regularly check the diamond setting, such as touching the diamond with tweezers to see if there is any shaking or you can directly go to the local jewelry store to check it.

5.Regularly clean diamonds
It is advisable for you to clean your diamond regularly. You can directly clean with water; you can also use detergent and other neutral cleaning agents, take a soft-haired toothbrush and lightly brush the surface of the diamond, and then use a dry flannel to absorb the moisture; or you can buy special jewelry cleaning solution or ultrasonic cleaning instrument in the jewelry store and use according to the instructions for cleaning diamonds.

6.Do not take the diamond when swimming
The substances in the pool has no effect on a loose diamond, but for the metal material set with diamonds they are destructive. They may lead to metal discoloration and other situations.

7.Avoid come into contact with perfumes, cosmetics and other chemicals when wearing a diamond ring
These chemical products will have negative effects on the luster of the metal band or setting.

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