How to Get Your Ring Size
How to Get Your Ring Size

Printable Ring Sizer
Printable ring sizer is a useful tool to measure your ring size at home. Here is our ring sizer.


How to use our printable ring sizer

1.Simply click the image and save it to your computer(or you can click the download link.). Then print out by following our guide below. Make sure the scaling of the page is set to 100% and measure it with a ruler.
2.Simply cut the paper to match the outline and gently cut a slit as indicated by the vertical line.
4.Insert the end of the strip into the slit.
5. Wrap the strip around the chosen finger and gently pull it tight until it fits your finger.
6. Leave a little space in order to slip the strip.
7.Read your result by finding where the number line meets the slit. This is your ring size.
Tips: Repeat step 4-6 a few times to ensure accuracy.


Ring size template

Print the template according to the printable ring sizer instructions and you can measure the ring you have against the circles on the paper to get the exact size.

Other methods of measuring
1.Wrap a string around your finger to get the ring circumference and measure the string with a ruler.
2.Go to a diamond counter to try on a ring.

Ring sizing tips
A proper ring should not be too tight or too loose. It should be loose enough to slip over your knuckles and tight enough that it can't fall off your finger.
1.Make sure your finger is warm when measuring as cold can shrink your finger size.
2.Measure your fingers at the end of the day when they are at their largest.
3.If the measurement is between sizes, choose the larger size.

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