How To Choose The Best Diamond Ring For Your Hand
How To Choose The Best Diamond Ring For Your Hand

Each person is a unique individual with ten fingers, long or short, thick or thin, and it is important to choose the right ring for your hand from a dizzying array of rings. Are you wondering how to choose the best diamond ring for your hand? Here are some tips for your!

The first thing you need to do is to understand your hand. Notice the shape of hand, the size of your hand and knuckle, and the length of your finger. These are all important factors to consider.

Try these diamond ring for short fingers

Your engagement ring should elongate your fingers.Choose fancy-shaped diamonds such as the oval, emerald, pear, heart or marquise stones to help lengthen your finger and not overwhelm your fingers. A thin and plain band that does not take up too much space will make your finger look slender.

Try these diamond rings for wider fingers

Fancy diamond shapes, like ovals, marquise-shaped diamonds, teardrop diamonds, radiant cuts, or emerald cuts can create the illusion of a longer, slimmer hand. A larger diamond can complement your wide fingers. Luckily, lab-grown diamonds allow you to get an even bigger diamond for your budget. Three-stone and two-stone settings can also help flatter your wide fingers and make a balance between your finger an diamond.

Try these diamond rings for long fingers or skinny hands

Those with long fingers are so lucky as there is a lot of freedom when choosing different styles and shapes. Any diamond shape will work nicely on thin and long fingers. We’d recommend you choose unique and eye-catching Asscher cut and cushion-cut diamonds with a vintage setting. Don’t hesitate to try bold and large designs! They will give you a big surprise!


Try these diamond rings for large knuckles

Some thick fingers are not really thick, just because the knuckles are thicker, so that the fingers look "clumsy". Round-cut diamonds with a wide band are universally flattering. They can distract the incongruity that large knuckles bring. You need to find a ring that will slide over your knuckle, but not be so big that it will slide up and down your finger. Adding sizing beads to your ring can help with this issue.

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