Natural Sapphire VS Lab Grown Sapphire
Natural Sapphire VS Lab Grown Sapphire

What is sapphire?

Sapphire is a rare, beautiful, and mega durable gemstone that comes in a variety of colors.   The name “sapphire” comes from a Latin and Greek word that means blue. This gem comes in all the colors of the rainbow, except red, which is its cousin, ruby. Sapphire and Ruby are both part of the corundum family.The most important thing is that it is great for engagement rings!


The most common methods used to cultivate sapphires in the laboratory are Verneuil process ,Flux method and hydrothermal method. The Verneuil process is the cheapest method of creating any gemstone, while the hydrothermal method is the most expensive and is a technique in which the mineral is subjected to high temperatures and pressures in a "pressure cooker", making the mineral closely resemble natural sapphires. There are fewer environmental impacts of lab-grown sapphires compared with mined gemstones. Lab-created sapphire does not disturb the land, and there is no risk of injury to people who create lab-grown sapphires. This makes it an excellent choice for someone who cares about the environmental impact of mining gemstones and wants to source their jewelry ethically.


Natural Sapphire vs. Lab-created Sapphire

  1. Chemical composition: both are mainly composed of Al2O3
  2. Mineral type: both belong to the same mineral, corundum
  3. Crystal structure: both belong to the tripartite crystal system


Do lab-grown gems grow faster?

Lab-grown gemstones grow much faster as they are created in advanced processes that allow technicians to replicate the conditions under which gemstones naturally form beneath the earth's crust and to create them at a much faster rate in a highly controlled laboratory.


Can both of them be certified?

Both natural sapphire and lab-grown sapphire can now be certified by international authorities. There is a difference between the two certificates. The certificate for lab-grown diamonds is clearly marked with the words "Laboratory Grown".


Does lab created sapphire mean fake?

No. Lab sapphire has the same mineral makeup as natural sapphire and is real sapphire. Lab sapphire is visually identical to high quality natural sapphire. In fact, it requires a gemologist to distinguish between the two! “Imitation” or “simulant” sapphire—— often known as “sapphire color” – could be called “fake”. Simulated sapphire is a stone that has the color of sapphire, but is usually glass, plastic, or YAG.


Is there any way to distinguish between the two?

It is difficult to distinguish between a natural sapphire and a lab-grown sapphire with the naked eye, but there are testing devices available on the market that can easily distinguish between them. If your lab-grown gemstone has a certificate from an accredited institution, it will even be laser marked to indicate that it is a lab-grown gemstone.

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