Celebrate International Women’s Day with Usinjewel
Celebrate International Women’s Day with Usinjewel
Celebrate International Women’s Day with Usinjewel

Celebrate International Women's Day 2023 with inspirational and empowering jewelry from Usinjewel. We have unique designs and beautiful pieces of diamonds for every style. From exquisite heart-shaped diamond to elegant emerald-cut diamond, discover the perfect International Women’s Day gift. A unique women’s day gift can empower women of all ages to be bold and confident. Celebrate with your important females with Usinjewel diamonds and show your gratitude to her for her sacrifices and contributions in your life. You can also visit usinjewel.com to buy yourself a Women’s Day gift to relieve stress. Shop Usinjewel’s unique collections to give thoughtful gifts for women’s day 2023. We inspire and empower every women of every style.

The history of International Women's Day
The history of Women's Day dates back to 1908, when women began to voice their concerns about gender inequality, exploitation and oppression. The debate gained interest when a group of 15,000 women marched in New York to demand shorter working hours, equal pay with men and the right to vote. The first Women's Day was celebrated in the United States in 1909. March 8 was later designated by the United Nations as a day to celebrate International Women's Day, and on March 8, 1975, the United Nations was the first organization to celebrate International Women's Day.

What colors represent IWD?
When International Women's Day was first celebrated in 1910, the all-female group Women Suffragettes from the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) fought strongly for women's rights. They wore white, green and purple to show their appreciation. These three colors are now considered to be the theme of Women's Day. White represents purity, green represents hope, and purple represents dignity and justice. At Usinjewel, you can choose our colorless, green and purple diamonds to make it a meaning and unique gift.

Why celebrate IWD 2023. with jewelry?
Jewelry has been used by women for centuries to express and celebrate their individualism. It is what bonds us as women and what defines us as individuals. Celebrate the important women in your life with a gorgeous gift, or treat yourself to something inspirational.

Make Women’s Day Memorable with Usinjewel
Usinjewel your one-stop destination, if you are planning to find a precious and distinct gift for important women in your life. Whether necklaces, diamonds or diamond rings, Usinjewel’s online shop gives you the best choice. Known for timeless craftsmanship and genuine diamonds, Usinjewel never fails to impress customers with its astounding diamond collection.

If you wanna make your purchase a surprise for your important ones, please contact us!

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