How to choose a diamond by 4cs standard
How to choose a diamond by 4cs standard

Diamond 4Cs standard

Diamonds are graded based on 4Cs----cut, color, purity and size. These impact the stone’s beauty and value.

Color: Diamond color refers to how colorless a diamond is.The less the color, the higher the grade. It is recommended to choose a G color or above as they boast good transparency and quality. To make the most of the budget, it is not advisable to choose a H、I or J color which tend to have curry、blue and green hue that are different from natural diamonds’ yellow hue.



Cut: Of the 4CS, cut has the greatest influence on a diamond’s beauty and sparkle. 3EX is the highest cut grade which has heart and arrow. Diamonds at 3EX or VG grade has obvious fire.



clarity:All diamonds are unique and not perfect. Natural inclusions and blemishes are inevitable. The less impurities, the higher the purity and the brighter the diamond. Choosing diamonds at grade SI1 or above is recommended. If you want buy a diamond over 0.5 carat,please choose VS grade because inclusions will not be readily noticeable without magnification.



Carat: The price of diamonds is related to the size of diamonds. 0.3 carat、0.5 carat、0.7 carat and 1.0 carat are four water sheds. It is recommended to buy a diamond over 0.3 carat which has obvious fire.



The weight of diamonds is measured in carats.1 carat=100 cents=0.2 grams The bigger the diamond, the rarer the diamond,so it is more precious!


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