Ideas of Stacking Rings
Ideas of Stacking Rings

Stackable rings, or combination rings, refer to several separate rings stacked together and usually worn on the same finger. As their styles are similar, they always complement each other well, so you can mix and match rings according to your own preferences. The rings are usually simple and elegant, but when combined, they are beautiful and unique as a whole. However, simple does not necessarily mean unremarkable because when you wear them together, the beautiful combination immediately attracts people’s attention.


The idea of stacking rings can be traced back to ancient Roman times. Roman legends indicate that the ring finger of the left hand contains the “vein of love” that leads directly to your heart. Wearing a ring on this finger represents your commitment to love, and your marriage is closest to your heart. Although this view is not scientifically correct, the tradition of wearing a ring on the ring finger has persisted to this day. Today, the trend of stackable rings is a symmetrical combination of tradition and fashion.


You can create new combinations every day with different rings, which is why stackable rings are so popular. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the styles of the rings being incompatible. The rings are specially designed to be worn together and always present a beautiful overall effect. They always perfectly match each other.


Of course, you can also stack other rings you own. But be careful not to make the combination of several rings look too flashy. Sapphire rings are best paired with simple diamond rings. If you want to mix and match eternity rings, choose eternity rings in other colors. However, for rings with exaggerated and eye-catching shapes, we do not recommend wearing other rings.


The trick to excellent mixing and matching of precious metals is simple: just wear clothes you like. Do you particularly like a certain precious metal? Then choose stackable rings of the same color and use other precious metals as accessories. Or to be more bold and choose a colorful combination ring. Fortunately, the era when each piece of jewelry must be made of the same metal is long gone.


Stackable rings that can be meticulously combined not only can be matched with various styles, but also do not dominate. Therefore, less is more! Glamorous and flamboyant rings are usually unbearable, especially when you wear them every day. This is why lightweight and simple rings are the ideal choice.


You can also wear stackable rings on your thumb to show a special and modern style. Whether you choose eye-catching rings or perfect combination rings, making your thumb the focus is indeed unique and fun.


No matter how the trend changes, your personal style is unique and always reflects your own style and personality. Choose a basic ring as the highlight of other jewelry. This represents that you can exude personality in an elegant way.

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